Rob D - Marathon Runner

"Following a disappointing run at the Fleet Half Marathon where I suffered badly with injuries to both calf muscles I contacted Abi to see if she could help in anyway. Abi talked through the process and what she believed was required in order to get my legs ready for an attempt to run 2 marathons some 4 weeks later.

To start with Abi prescribed lots of rest and light massages in order to let them heal plus several stretching exercises to build up the strength. She then talked through ways which could help on the day. As the tiredness wore off the massages became slightly deeper and I was advised to try long compression socks for training runs. A couple of weeks prior to the race Abi mentioned she had just been on a taping course and believed this could have a positive effect. So it was agreed that we would try this a week before to see how comfortable it was. Both calf muscles were taped from the heel to just below the back of the knee with a horizontal tape at the worst point (I even shaved my legs to aid the applying and removal of the tape!). From when the tape was first applied I could notice a difference and so the night before the first marathon- the taping was re-applied. I successfully ran the first marathon with no reaction whatsoever in my calf muscles and finished in a respectable time of just over 4.5 hours.

Having known the benefits from the first marathon Abi was keen to administer the same treatment for the second marathon with the addition of a couple of massages to freshen up the legs. The taping was applied on the Saturday before the marathon on the Sunday and again the marathon was ran with no problems in the calf. The second marathon proved more difficult due to tiredness and a slower time closer to 5 hours was achieved.

I do believe though that had it not been for Abi's work on the legs after that disappointing first half marathon and the use of the taping I would not have been able to complete the 2 marathons in 7 days and am eternally grateful to Abi for this.

Although my legs may disagree!"

Jason - Marathon Runner

"I am a club runner who had suffered with an ankle tendon problem for several months. Upon the recommendation of other local runners, I visited the R&R Osteopath Clinic in Frimley.

Abi explained what injury was and quickly established a tailored rehabilitation program for me, focusing on reducing the inflammation and strengthening the ankle.

My progress was tracked over a number of months and the treatment I received meant I was soon back fully fit and able to run in the London Marathon"