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A polite reminder

I don’t know if this is an apology post or a bare with me post!

Over the weekend (whilst I was away) I received an email from a client stating they need to be in real time communication with their osteopath and to cancel any future appointments. I apologised to them because quite simply I forgot to reply to them.

Yes I am an osteopath, the sole osteopath, receptionist, accountant and all other jobs at Reform and Renew Osteopathy except cleaner ( thank you mum), however most importantly I am a mother and a wife and I  also have a life outside of work. 

In the last year I have learnt my cortisol levels are through the roof, my endocrine system does not work properly, so to put it simply I am stressed and tired. Yes, running played a massive part in that and so did work as I was offering times that were convenient for clients which meant I was fitting my life in around clients. I am now finding different ways to manage my stress, which includes not being on my phone and social media as much and making time for myself in my working days. This may mean, I don’t reply as quickly or I don’t answer the phone (hopefully a receptionist from Blue Zinc will though).

I honestly try my best to offer the best service I possibly can to clients. My approach may be a bit more relaxed than other clinics but my main aim as an osteopath is to help people and try and prevent the pain/ symptoms from re occurring. 

So quite simply, if I don’t reply to you, please give me a polite reminder that I need to reply and I promise I will but I am human and forget sometimes.