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Thank you


I am completely overwhelmed with all the love and support I have received after telling you all my story.

To hear that some of you can relate to my story is good to know and that I’m not doing this in my own but it is also concerning that so many struggle with mental health issues and feel that they can’t talk about them. 

If one thing comes from me sharing my story, is that I want you to know, you can talk to me. Whether it’s the comfort of my room as an osteopath, where everything is confidential or it’s over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake or a well deserved glass of prosecco. I am happy to listen and I’d needs be, share my coping mechanisms. 

There is no better therapy than talking and laughing.  

For me, I am now excited for the future. I’m looking forward to catching up with friends, going for long walks, rebuilding friendships and finding new hobbies and interests. The world is my oyster!!

Finally I would like to thank my family. You have dealt with my mood swings for so long due to me not having hormones, I can only apologise as they will get worse when my menstrual  cycle returns 🤣. On a serious note, to my family and friends, thank you for continued support, I promise that I will be a stronger and happier person with your help.

Oh also I would like to clarify, Lily you are not getting a little sister just yet!! Stop speeding rumours!!!