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Quality over Quantity

I wanted to share with you a podcast I listened to recently on Marathon Talk, which was an interview with Stephanie Davis who recently ran 2.27 for a marathon.

When training for a marathon, we can get consumed by having to do the miles, with many of them being ‘junk miles’. Some people, don’t believe or realise  the benefits of cross-training (bike, swimming and Cross-trainer). It can help you of load your tired legs, prevent injuries and strengthen muscles that aren’t used or over-used when running. 

Going into London 2018 and Amsterdam 2019 a lot of my training was done on a Cross-Trainer due to injuries! For me, it played a big role in the times I was able to run. Numerous clients ahem asked, how I didn’t get bored. The simple answer is I did but its amazing how many seasons of programmes on Netflix you can get through when cross-training!

For some clients, they see cross-training for when they are injured because if they aren’t running the miles then it doesn’t count or its not beneficial. Unless you are using maximum resistance on your chosen piece of cross-training equipment, you usually aren’t using as much effort as you would be running unless you train by heart rate. So this can help build up your aerobic endurance, which is vital when running for a marathon!

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast and as always, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.