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Goodbye Dairy….

Since I was 18 years old, I have suffered when I consume certain types of dairy products. There were days when I looked 4 months pregnant and a lot of buscapan consumed to relieve the stomach cramps. I managed and learnt how to keep it under control by avoiding milk in its true form, yoghurt and cheese. I was ok with ice cream and cream in small quantities. Whilst I was pregnant with Lily all the symptoms went and I could consume everything and anything in sight (literally), however as soon as she arrived the issues started again and poor Lily suffered too so I had no option but to avoid dairy as it smelt like a stink bomb had gone off in our flat thanks to Lily 🤦🏻‍♀️

Fast forward to today and after a lof of stomach cramps and being bent over double whilst out training, with the inspiration and help of two amazing friends and my husband, I am starting my journey of being dairy free! I haven’t been specifically diagnosed but at the moment it’s a choice I am making until I can get the food allergy testing done.
I am now Day 11 of being dairy free and also gluten free after learning that I can’t have puff pastry!! So how has it been? Much better, I no longer have the cramps and bloating. I did have one set back over Endure24 but my body was put under so much stress and I consumed a lot of food(dairy and gluten free)  and fruit pastels. It took a few days for by body to recover but now I’m back on track and feeling much better again!
Is it difficult…. to begin with yes
Am I missing some of my favourite foods…. yes but there are tasty alternatives
Am I alone… no
Do you have to read the label of everything that comes in a packet… yes
Do I fancy a big tub of Oreo ice cream… yes and no!
With cutting out dairy, it is more important than ever that I take calcium as a supplement and find ways of getting it in my diet as dairy has been removed. There are plenty of tasty foods that are high in calcium but as my mum and aunties now all have osteopenia and with  the running I do, I need to maintain both bone and female health.
I am so thankful I am not on this journey alone and I’m very thankful to have supportive friends and family 😘
This change in food habits isn’t for everyone and I would highly recommend you see a nutritionist if this is something your thinking of doing, to make sure you are still getting the correct balance of macro and micro nutrients that your body needs and if you think you have a food intolerance, get the food testing done!
Much love xx