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Inspiration from a blog ‘ Does it count if it’s not on Strava?’

I recently read a blog called ‘Does it count if it’s not on Strava’? This made me have a big think about my running as at the time I was struggling mentally and physically as it was after I returned from California. I was constantly comparing myself to others and questioning why I wasn’t faster times than I was.

With the encouragement of a good friend I came off Facebook and Twitter earlier this year so after a little nudge, strava was disconnected from my Garmin and I logged out.

I knew I had a race coming up which was my focus for the season, which was last week. I sat down with my coach, the legend that is Coach Fudge and we sorted my training schedule for the 6 weeks leading into the race, Ron Neil, helped me get my head back in the game and gave me some well needed advice on my pacing 😂. There were certain runs, I left my Garmin at home and just ran. I didn’t worry about pace or times, I just ran and started enjoying the process again. It was nice getting home and not seeing a Strava segment or seeing what fellow runners had done that day and getting competitive! I went back to old school pen and paper to record my sessions so I wasn’t constantly analysing what I had done.

For the past 3 years, strength and conditioning sessions have been a big part of my training and with the help of Dave Cole and Mike Bowery we focussed on getting some speed and power in my hamstrings and upper body. I owe you both a big thank you for pushing me harder than ever and helping me prove to myself I could complete whatever challenge was given to me.

Throughout this last year, there is one person who has inspired me. He nearly gave up this year but he fought back through injury and ran two sub 18 minutes 5kms in August. I knew if he could find the speed and inner strength, I could.

So what was the end result and was it all worth it…. a 25 second PB for 5km….. 19.11. So yes it was totally worth it. Hearing my little girl saying well done along with the congratulations from Ben made it all with it.

The last 6 weeks have been a big learning curve and I’ve learnt a lot about myself.
I don’t need social media
I don’t need Strava
Have faith in the process
Surround yourself with people who motivate, encourage and most of all support you. Team Coach Fudge are some of the best and most supportive friends I could ask for.

So whats the next goal? I will keep that to myself!!

From this blog, I hope I can inspire some of you, not to be so competitive over social media and when you are struggling, just disconnect and concentrate on yourself!