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World Mental Health Awareness Day 2018

I am not afraid to admit I have and still do suffer with Mental Health Issues. From my mid teens I have suffered from Depression. I have had periods where I have been very low , although they are now rare, each day I battle the demons as to whether I am able to do things and if I am doing a good enough job being a mum, wife and Osteopath.

I know the triggers and people always ask why do I run so much. Simply because it helps me. It helps me to release any frustration. It helps set me up for the day, knowing I have completed some form of exercise, gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. The goals I set myself with running, help to keep me on track. When I was injured going into the London Marathon this year, having the target of finishing the marathon, whether it was just getting round or running the best I could on that day, helped me get through the 6 weeks of injury.

Exercise has so many benefits to your mental health, including releasing endorphins, improving your mood and memory along with muscle function and strength. If you feel like your having a bad day at lunch time, why not try a walk without your phone in your lunch break, or in the evenings find a pilates or yoga class? 

As an Osteopath, I see how pain affects peoples mental health and daily activities. There are times when clients get emotional and I encourage them to let out their feelings as it will help, and it will allow me to teach them how to deal with the pain they are experiencing and how we can prevent it from happening again in the future. Whether this is through exercise rehabilitation or referring to another practitioner, you do not have to suffer in pain. 

To those who feel they have to suffer alone and that they can’t talk to anyone, please do. You are not alone and we are here to listen. Whether its over a up of tea, a few cocktails or even in the treatment room, do not suffer in silence. Express your feelings. Talk to someone. Mental Health disorders are not a stigma, they are something not to be fought alone.